About contra

Contra dance is a social folk dance similar to a ceilidh or square dance, most often danced in long sets but sometimes in circles or squares or other formations. After each time through the dance you change place in the set to dance with someone new. After a dance most people change partners. No partner or experience is necessary. Dances are called and are easy for beginners to join in as well as keeping experienced dancers interested. All are welcome. 

If you’re new to contra feel free to ask anyone to dance with you. If you usually come with a partner or a group please try to ask other people to dance with you, especially new people and anyone you don’t know.

What is contra?
More about what contra is

Contra dance is popular with mathematicians

Contra Dances, Matrices, and Groups

What does contra look like?

Micro robots dancing contra

What to wear

Wear clothes you are comfortable in. High heels are not recommended.

Why dance?